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One Night on a Balcony

One Night on a Balcony

By: Samantha Lucas | Other books by Samantha Lucas
Categories: Mainstream Romance, Romantic Literature
Word Count: Not Available
Heat Level:
Published By: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

One hot summer night and a scorching balcony interlude light the fuse of hidden attraction between neighbors Jill Reed and Cole Adams.

Jill Reed has spent her entire life denying her sexuality, but living next door to Cole Adams the past few months has made it near impossible.

Cole is fresh off his third divorce and considers himself a one-man relationship train wreck. He purposefully keeps his lust for Jill in check because, after all, she's the kind of woman a man keeps.
Jill and Cole have been denying their bone-deep attraction for months, but one night on a balcony, passions ignite, an adventure starts and everything is about to change—forever.

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Product Warnings
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, sex in a public place, graphic language.

Excerpt ~
Copyright© 2007 Samantha Lucas
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

As predicted, Jill did not sleep one minute of the entire night. However, how much of that she could blame on her usual insomnia and how much was Cole Adams-induced she couldn’t tell. Looking in the mirror, she added some extra blusher to her pale cheeks and extra concealer to the dark circles beneath her bloodshot eyes. Fixing the white apron over her navy skirt, she moved towards the back door with only one comforting thought—Cole Adams was as much of a night owl as she, so there was no way in hell he’d be up yet.
Even so, she didn’t want to take any chances this morning, so she’d feed her birds later, water the plants at some point before they died and in general stay inside her own apartment until the memory of what she’d done faded. Ten or twenty years ought to do it.
After locking the security screen, she got down about three steps when she heard the deep, gravelly voice coming from behind her, seemingly out of thin air. As the earth started spinning too fast, she did the only intelligent thing—she gripped the banister for dear life.
“So, was it good for you, brown eyes?”
Jill figured she had a few choices here. She’d tried cowardice last night and gotten caught in the act. There was no need to be rude—she deserved that obnoxious little comment and then some. So, drawing a deep breath, she turned to face Cole like the adult she enjoyed pretending to be, only to find him stretched out on her lounger, facing away from the apartment, which was what had kept him hidden from view.
“That’s mine.”
She sounded like a pouty four-year-old, and the fact that Cole only smiled at her somehow made it worse. “Sorry, hon. I thought that after last night we’d moved to the furniture-sharing portion of this relationship.”
“We don’t have a relationship,” she snapped, knowing it made her sound like a prudish schoolmarm. Rolling her eyes, she came back up the three stairs and bravely met Cole’s laughing eyes.
Blue eyes that reflected the sky and the sea and… Oh shut up.
“Okay, look, what I did last night was…” she scratched her head, then shook her hands out by her hips, “…inexcusable. I have no idea what got into me, and if you want to lie in my chaise, go ahead. Now, I’m late for work.” She took two steps down this time before stopping. She didn’t turn around because she couldn’t take another moment of looking at Cole Adams, his short blond hair bed-ruffled, his shirtless chest sunbathed and his damn hard-on tenting his work-out shorts. She squeezed her eyes tight, not believing she was actually having this conversation. “Don’t have sex on it, please.”
She swore to God she heard that stupid man snickering at her as she fled.
Well, what did you expect? Mere mortals can’t play with the gods and expect to come out untouched. Oooh, wrong choice of words.
She stuck the keys into the Celica parked on the tree-lined street in front of the small building that housed four two-bedroom apartments. She couldn’t see the side balcony from here, but somehow she still felt as if his eyes were on her. She hoped that sensation wouldn’t last all day, or more than a few people were going to end up with food in their laps.

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