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New Year's Resolution

Caitlyn Monson has spent the past three years caring for her dying mother, to the exclusion of all else. Letting go of the past and her loss and grasping for some way to feel alive again, Caitlyn has one thing in mind: her virginity and the best way to lose it before New Year's.

Danny Carter understands loss and guilt on a very personal level. When the sweet and irresistible Caitlyn walks into his restaurant, his heart knows this is the woman he's waited for his entire life and his body is only too willing to help her make deadline. If only he had more to offer her than broken dreams and a shattered heart.

Will Caitlyn's New Year's Resolution bring each more than they bargained for?

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Caitlyn raised an apple martini to her friends in toast. The two best friends a girl could have, they remained the only two people in the world that knew her secret.
She smiled. "To New Year's resolu--"
"Caitlyn, hon', it ain't even Christmas 'til tomorrow." Valerie smiled and downed another tequila shot.
Caitlyn squirmed in her seat, determined to get this out regardless of how uncomfortable it was. "I realize that, Val. But I have a resolution and I wanted you guys to be the first to know."
She swallowed hard, two sets of eyes glued to her. Which was a funny picture when she thought about it. A giggle bubbled up at the thought of eyes literally glued to her person. Maybe she'd had enough to drink tonight.
Caitlyn shook her head and refocused on her announcement. She'd done little else than think about her secret dilemma since the death of her mother four months ago. Making this decision scared her silly, and the announcement thereof, that she was stalling in a very deliberate fashion. She took a deep breath, and the entire sentence gushed out.
"I intend to divest myself of my stupid cumbersome virginity by midnight New Year's Eve or die trying."

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