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Author Samantha Lucas was born and raised in southern California and now resides in the central Florida area where she spends at much time at her beloved Disney World as life will allow. She's the published author of over 20 erotic romance novels. Aside from delving into the wonderful world of fiction and creating epic love stories that will you breathless, Samantha puts her belief that we write the story of our own lives one day at a time into action by developing a project where enlightenment meets experience to encourage, inspire and support others in making their life the masterpiece it should be while blogging on topics such as weight, writing, spirituality, sexuality and the world of BDSM all on her blogzine ~ The Life I Write In early 2012 Samantha went on her own epic romantic journey when she met her Twin Flame. This meeting sent her on an extraordinary journey of self discovery and growth that turned into a passion of helping others on the same journey. She writes about her own story as well as sharing lessons learned during it all at Twin Flame Sanctuary.

Samantha loves to hear from readers, you can find her on facebooktwitter . You can also email her directly with questions or comments.You will find all her writing, even a few alter egos specializing in both BDSM romance and Men's erotic fiction at 

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